Benefits of vacuum cooling

Benefits of using a Pre-Cooler

  • Extends shelf life of the product – Rapid removal of field heat significantly slows down the product’s deterioration 
  • Improves quality 
  • Increases the product demand – Longer lasting product is in more demand 
  • Opens doors to exporting as the product can last longer during transportation
    Longer lasting product can be transported for further time and hence distances 
  • Reduces post-harvest loss – By removing the field heat rapidly the process will give the product the best chance at having the longest possible shelf-life, therefore reaching the consumer. If the process is done efficiently the farmers can almost eliminate heat caused losses at the pack house.
  • Reduces water waste – By reducing post-harvest loss we also reduce the water
    waste invested into the crop 
  • Relieves energy duty required on the rest of the cold chain – The product will enter
    the rest of the cold chain already down to its optimum temperature resulting on the
    cold storage links working at a much lower capacity 
  • Reduces CO2 Emissions – By reducing energy duty on the rest of the cold chain and
    reducing post-harvest loss by over 60%
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